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Windshield Replacement

COVID-19 UPDATE: Dear customers we are open during this time of need. We have taken all necessary precautions by scheduling appointments in such a way that only 1 or 2 customers are there at one time. We disinfect all high touch points with Lysol spray every 4 hours. Please Call for Appointments, as it is much more difficult to get the windshield in stock and more lead time is needed. This is because major glass supply issues due to shipping are occurring.


Amco auto glass is here for all your vehicle auto glass repair needs. We specialize in automotive glass repair, windshield replacement, and rear windshield replacement. If it's auto glass, we can fix or replace it. Rest assured, any make or model of vehicle from Hyundai to Lexus, we do it all.

Our technicians have the knowledge, proper training and experience required with over 44 years of experience combined. We only use original equipment manufacturers certified glass in all our auto glass replacements.  Even our aftermarket auto glass is made by one of the five major original glass manufactures. This is commonly referred to as OEE Auto Glass. So rest assured a trusted brand will be used at all times on your vehicle.

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Auto Glass Replacement shop

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Windshield Replacement

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Auto Glass Repair 

This is an example of our technician's work. The urethane bead on your glass is straight and perfect, every time! This is what years of experience gives you. The clean straight seal helps keep your windshield leak proof.

If you would like to see your bead ask and we will show you after it is laid down.  We are very friendly and are proud of our work.  The highest quality Auto Glass shop in Mississauga.  Contracted by many local dealerships like Porsche and BMW.

We are committed you and your windshield repair needs. We only use high quality urethane that exceeds original equipment standards. This means safety for you and your family. I know when doing an important service like a windshield replacement, safety is yours and our number one concern. All the windshield's are American standard one approved safety auto glass.

We only use products that we would use in our own families vehicles. Ask our technicians and they will show you their personal cars with our auto glass installed in them.

See more of our Auto Glass services.

When you have a windshield chip on your auto glass, the windshield has a strength integrity breach. Repair this stone chip as soon as possible to restore the strength of your windshield back to 100%.

Start seeing clearly out of your windshield or Auto glass today!  Don't delay!
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​Auto Glass Repair

Here at the Auto Glass repair center, we provide windshield repair services to all vehicles, trucks, and heavy Equipment. Also, we do custom glass cutting for commercial vehicles like forklifts and bobcats with windshield glass materials.


Offering custom auto glass cuts for CAT and Toyota forklifts as well. This means it's safer then the original glass for the operators of your company. Because just like an auto glass would protect the people in the car from road debris, this would protect the forklift operators from similar dangers or debris. But we can also do original tempered glass cuts if requested.  They take more time because of the need to bake the glass and temper it. It is however more expensive to do a custom tempered glass cut. You can call us or email us with the dimensions of the glass you need cut and we will respond very quickly with a quote.


If the shape is irregular, call us and we will send one of our auto glass technicians to your location on site to take exact measurements for your quote. Rest assured the turn around time with our custom cuts is the fastest in the industry and we supply custom glass cutting for many major companies in Toronto.

Before we ever do a windshield replacement, we will first attempt to repair your auto glass to save you time and money. Auto glass Repairs are cheaper and take less time then a full windshield replacement. If you are unsure, you can email us a photo of the stone chip on your windshield and we will advise you if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. Call us now from the number above for a quick, no obligation quote. 

The number one reason to choose Amco Auto Glass over our competitors is our quality. We understand you have many choices when it comes to your auto glass repair provider. But we have the same suppliers as Speedy Auto glass. We buy our glass from them directly.

Our high quality supplier was not easy to obtain, but over years of hard work and

dedication our auto glass reputation had them coming to us. This is our huge advantage in the industry, as we can provide top quality OEE auto glass for a fraction of the costs as the big franchise names. This is why we are slightly more expensive compared to tiny shops who get their third tier China made auto glass for much lower costs then our OEE auto glass.


If our price is not competitive please let us know and we will find you a lower priced windshield in your budget. Because we can buy from the third party China auto glass makers as well. But we only do that if customers request a lower priced windshield.


Why Choose Amco Auto Glass?

Once you have decided to change your windshield or auto glass at Amco auto glass there is a few things you should do first. After receiving your quick quote via our email system, you have to schedule a time to do the windshield replacement.


Again, email us and book the time. During that day if you can please wash your car or vehicle before hand, because it is best to work on a clean car. If the car has a lot of snow on the roof you should also remove any snow on the roof. In the winter time the snow on the roof can trickle down into the windshield setting area during the windshield replacement. This will cause long delays in windshield replacement times due to our auto glass technicians having to have to dry the area repeatedly as snow melts and trickles into the new windshield's seal.


But do not fret, it is fine to do an auto glass replacement in the winter, but you just need a relatively clean car with no snow on the roof top. So if you could take a brush and take off all the snow before hand it would ensure a speedy auto glass replacement and less wait times during our busy season.

What to Do Before Replacing Windshield

Recently, we have served some very nervous and new auto glass repair customers. Some more informed then others. We are here put your mind at ease about your windshield replacement or auto glass repair.


There is no need to worry when you come to Amco because we have been here for a long time. We are not going anywhere. So if there is ever a problem, you can just come back and we can fix it with our life time warranty on our workmanship.  We are a trusted and reputable dealer of auto glass and that is a big draw to our more informed customers. Don't fall for the allure of the mobile auto glass repair guys who work out of their vans and are no where to be found when your glass is leaking and not installed properly.


How do we know this? Well, we take in a lot of auto glass repair customers from other shops and we have to fix the work previously done to the car. At the customers expense of course. So save your money from the beginning and simply change your windshield or fix your auto glass at Amco.  Our technicians have decades of experience and can do anything.


We care about the customer experience because believe it or not, a lot of our customers are repeat customers! Now that we are so very well established, we have customers who come in and tell us that 10 years ago they changed a windshield here so they are back with their new car for another service.


This form of trust and customer retention gives us a feeling of happiness that is hard to describe. We want to thank our loyal customers for continued support and we strive to do better every single day in auto glass replacement for you all.  Call us today or send us an email for a windshield replacement quote.

Assurance and Peace of Mind