We at Amco Autoglass offer ground service equipment glass repair services and glass replacement services for all service vehicles for all ground service vehicle in the person airport area. We are located less than ten minutes away from the airport and offer the same day services in most cases for all your custom special glass cuts.

For all your special ground service glass needs we can supply you. We already deal with many ground service equipment companies and go from hanger to hanger to service the glass. We use only AS1 safety auto glass windshield grade glass on all your vehicles. So you will be safe from flying debris or rocks.

Here is a list of just some of the Aviation ground service vehicles we replace the glass on:

  • Container loaders Glass

  • Chocks Glass

  • Aircraft Tripod Jack Glass

  • Aircraft Service Stairs Glass

  • Refuelers Glass

  • Tugs and tractors Glass

  • Ground power units Glass

  • Buses Glass

  • Transporters Glass

  • Catering Vehicles Glass

  • Belt Loaders Glass

  • Push Back Tugs and Tractors Glass

  • Air start unit Glass

  • Portable water trucks Glass

  • Dollies Glass


We only use the top grade quality auto glass and improve on the ground service equipment OEM glass that it came with.

Give us a call for a free quote at (905) 795-0081 We will send an auto glass technician to your location and he will take measurements of the required glass cut. Once he returns we can quote you and give you an estimated time for cutting and installation to be completed. Usually, it can be done in the same day. The service is a full ground services equipment glass service. Installation and custom glass cutting. Go to the source and save your money by cutting out the middle man.

Ground Service Equipment Glass