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Auto Glass Repair in Mississauga

Auto glass repair can be a scary thing if you are new to the situation. Like all things, a little knowledge goes a long way. Here you will find the information you need to empower yourself with the tools to make the right auto glass repair decision.


Let me begin by saying that you should always do a windshield repair if you can. It can save you a lot of money in the long run and post pone your windshield replacement in the future. It can last for many years or it can spread quickly after the repair. Auto glass repair is a very finicky thing, so getting the repair is not a guarantee that it will never spread. Some people think that if they get it repaired that they safe. But location of the stone chip is a crucial factor. If it is near the edges of the auto glass it has a higher chance to spread in the future, even with the windshield repaired. 


Also, if the stone chip is near the heat air vent at the bottom of the windshield then you also have a high chance of spreading because of the hot and cold contrast in the winter months here in our lovely city of Mississauga.


Now you may ask yourself should I get a windshield repair if it has a chance of spreading anyways? The simple and obvious answer is absolutely you should, and you should let the insurance pay it. Your deductible will be covered for all auto glass repairs so there is no need to worry.


There is no downside if you use your insurance for comprehensive and your premiums do not increase! No downside is a win for all customers. So get your windshields repaired and have the insurance pay and don't worry about any premium increases. You can even call them to find out yourself before you call us! Save your $60 dollars today! Call us or email me at

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Windshield Repair

Auto Glass Repair is a crucial maintenance requirement for any vehicle as it stops stone chips from spreading and becoming full blown cracks. Most auto glass repair's go unnoticed by the owner of the vehicle as it is usually tiny and sometimes in a spot where they do not see it. It is important to check your windshield for auto glass repair monthly with a quick visual inspection if you do a lot of freeway driving.


It is also important to note that if the chip is in the blacked out sections of the auto glass then the chip cannot be repaired because the urethane is underneath the blacked out sections. An auto glass repair attempt on the blacked out sections of a windshield will have a high chance of spreading and cracking. It will also cause UV light to pass through where it was not allowed before which may cause the windshield to not stick anymore in that section. This is why we at Amco will inspect your windshield and tell you if the auto glass repair is feasible. If you have any questions, please ask our certified auto glass technicians before the work is started on the auto glass repair.

Types of Auto glass repair:

Stone chip repair mississauga

Star Stone Chip

The star shaped stone chip is the most common type of auto glass repair.  The legs of the star should not be longer than one inch. Filling each leg depends on how it cracked internally as the injector fills from the center.

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Stone Chip

The Bullseyes stone chip is the second most common auto glass repair seen. It is also the best stone chip you can get.  It has the lowest chance of spreading and fills in the easiest.  

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Stone Chip

The combined stone chip is rare but does occur. Usually from a rock with two edges that hit the auto glass at the same time. Sometimes requires multiple drills to fill.  Filling my not look as good as other stone chip repairs.

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Crack Stone Chip

The crack is the rarest type of stone chip seen in auto glass repair. It is also the most dangerous to drill and fill.  Drilling usually cause's it to spread. This one should be attempted but ultimately a windshield replacement may be needed.