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Auto Glass Story. AMCO has been changing Windshields for OVER 20 years.  We replace your windshield to manufacturers' safety standards using only top quality tested materials.Our policy is to listen to our customers and meet or exceed their requirements. That's what makes us the top Auto Glass shop in Mississauga, Auto Glass in Brampton and Auto Glass in Toronto.

Awards and recognitions. AMCO has been recognized by the international glass manufactures of all the major automakers glass producers.  That is why we can get your glass directly from the company that makes the glass for your major Automaker like Honda, BMW, etc.

Mobile Service. We offer a mobile service so you can stay at work or home and not miss out on your life.  We send two technician autoglass installers.  Unlike our competition that send one to save money.  You need two people to do a proper lay in and have a no leak seal.  Mobile Service is extra.  Please call ahead and make an appointment.  We service Windshield Replacement in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville.

We’re part of the community. We have been servicing Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and the rest of the GTA for over 20 years.  We strive on giving the customer the power to have options and to make informed decisions.  We service many of the local car Dealerships like BMW, Toyota, Ford and Honda.  For all your Windshield Replacement needs.

The team that cares. AMCO strives for service first and is not one of those quick get them in and get them out shops.  You can rest assured the team cares about doing a good job.  Simple as that.

Pick-up and delivery. If you are to busy at work or home with the kids and don't want to make the trip to the shop?  Well we can pick up your car do the work and deliver it back to you.  This is most commonly done on days with bad weather like rain or snow.  This insures your auto glass replacement is done correctly and the nasty weather does not interfere.

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